About Us

Welcome to TopDog Harnesses.
I created this company in 2019 to sell dog apparel and accessories at an affordable price. I bought my dogs so many harnesses sets and often thought of cool designs that just didn't exist. So after many months of hard work and planning I managed to start my own brand - TopDog Harnesses. 
 I started by create alot of the designs myself but as the business has grown and whilst working full time, I've been unable to keep up! Therefore, I now use the help of fantastic graphic designers to bring my concepts to life. I wanted to create harnesses which could be reversed to change the style, giving you, as dog owners, more choice at less of a cost - because we all know how expensive cute harnesses can be! I always aim to make TopDog products affordable for everyone.
Giving back to society and supporting charity has always been important to me. Therefore, I wanted to design each harness to support different charities. This way TopDog Harnesses can be used to help promote and raise awareness regarding import issues and organisations. For every harness sold we will donate £1 to the chosen charity. More information regarding our charities can be found directly on our products pages. As our business grows we hope we can increase our donations. Furthermore, we aim to use as much recyclable materials and packaging as possible, we only have one world! 
Any questions please contact us via our social media pages or by email. 
Thank you for supporting us x